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What Are Apartment Affordable Units?

The Apartment Affordable units are the ones that are earmarked for low-income families that qualify to get a part of their rent paid through Government subsidies. The families that have less Area Median Income (AMI) are entitled to get a part of their rent payable through Government grants available for these people.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development determines the Area Median Income for each locality and the families that have a yearly income lower than this Area Median Income qualify for occupying affordable units in Apartment complexes.

These affordable housing units are available for occupation by families with limited financial resources. These are the Apartment units that are usually acquired, built, or renovated using public funds or under special Government schemes. There is a certain number of these affordable Apartment units set aside for this class of people who are entitled to occupy the affordable apartment units as a community benefit.

Most of the States in the US have County Housing Grants or the federally funded Housing Choice Voucher Program formerly called as the Section 8 Grants available to the Apartment owners and they provide rental assistance for families that have below AMI value and thus get the apartments as Affordable Apartment units.

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