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The correct thoughts will speed up your results with owning Small Apartments

Hey. What’s up y’all? Cordell Davenport here again, small apartment This is the second video podcast that I’ve done as I said. I’m gonna continue to roll these out by clockwork, that’s the game plan. Go to the website small apartment I have a free report for you it’s called have your family live in expenses covered by small apartment to your own.

It’s about 38 pages a full with a lot of data. I went to the lab big time to come together to bring that document together, so check it out, you can learn some things. And I always say mindset let’s scale set plus performance equals results. I’m going to focus on mindset these first several videos that I’m doing or recordings.

And then when it comes to the skillset, that’s why I’m going to introduce the team that I have of the property manager attorney CPA and mortgage broker commercial at that so that you all can learn. I can learn. I’m selfish to be honest, not just selfish but you know when I’m doing these things and as I learned in a I want to know what to do as well, so as I’m learning as I talk to these.

Four individuals like I said before this is going to be a merry-go-round. I’m not going to deviate and trying to talk to other people every week trying to be on the hustle on a grind trying to find somebody to talk to that’s not what I want. So. What I’m going to talk about in this recording is thoughts in the past I listen to.

Probably 50 different audiobook recordings. And they have a common theme. And the number one thing that really stands out is thoughts is how a person controls their thoughts. And that’s what I’d like. I said, I’m going to talk about in this recording. Now there are things that you can control.

Really. Number one is thoughts. To his actions three is the disciplines that you have then the fourth one is friends. Now the acceptance of responsibility is not optional. The words I am responsible are perhaps the most powerful words in any language to short circuit negative emotions and gain focus your job is to accept responsibility, even if you are only responsible for how you respond to the events that come your way in life, you can only claim your surprise once and after that you’re unprepared.

Whether you just differences between successful people and those wish they were successful is how they respond to opportunities in life successful people make better choices and they practice self-discipline while unsuccessful people don’t success comes in many shapes now, my definition is to go from. Knowing your goals and you accomplish your goals.

That can be wealth health spirituality fitness, whatever it is. That’s what it is, it’s to know what you’re wanting to get that’s what success is in my book, so you have to write your future what you want. Now most likely sometimes. You try to live your life. But you’re missing something.

And that missing something is really self-improvement. And practicing habits to get better you may lack vision you may waste a lot of energy without getting really where you want to go because you don’t know where to go you can’t hit a target you can’t see thus, you don’t reach your goals because you like vision you let confidence to keep you going through the hard times.

You may not bother to learn what what really is self-improvement. How can I get better? Tony Robbins says successfully is clues find them. Sometimes you may hang around around crowd wrong crowd we all heard the same birds are the same feather flock together how true is that well you hang around with your socialists are.

Can bring you up or they could be crabs in a bucket pull you down. Winners makes progress makes excuses don’t be stuck on the loser mindset, but making excuses have self-different discipline. To do anything is how you do everything. Discipline is what puts the gas in the tank. Discipline is the glue to keep you going it what it does it creates stain power.

And I don’t play sports anymore. Well actually I’m starting to learn how to play golf. I haven’t got on a course yet just been on the golf range trying to get my swing tight, but um, I used to play who basketball once a week. Grew up playing a high school in college, but those days are gone.

But I can tell you what? All the good players that I’ve known that I played with. Or against they had good self-discipline and all the great players have self-discipline not just ambassador ball, but it can be anything that a person wants to do. So hope this has helped. And I’ll see you back next one go to the website small apartment get that free report.

And I’ll holler at you soon. Go get it.

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