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Single-Family Homes Vs Apartment Investing

Investing in real estate is rewarding if you make your decision after knowing all the relevant factors that govern the present day market. The real estate is booming in some sectors and crawling in some others and as an investor, you need to know the real facts of the industry before jumping into the investing frenzy.

Investing in a single-family home is different from investing in a multi-family unit and they vary much in all respects. The down payment for a single-family house can be just 5% while that for a multifamily apartment building may go up to 25 to 30% depending on the market conditions.

If you do not want to earn a repetitive safe return on your investment and want to have a separate place of residence for your family then you invest in a single home unit. If you need the highest possible returns on your investment then going for the multifamily unit will be prudent.

With the millennial generation coming to the real estate both by way of investors as well as consumers of low-cost affordable housing there is going to be a great demand for apartment buildings. You can invest in these and get a good return on your investment month after month.

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