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Self Improvement is key to accomplish your real estate goals

Hey. What’s up Cordell? Davenport here small apartment investors, once again. Go to the website small apartment get your free report, have your family living expenses covered by small apartments you own. And as I roll these videos out. I’m trying to disperse what I’ve learned from books from podcasts.

I’m a constant learner. And I always want to improve. And a lot of times I have ideas. I always have ideas, but I try to put those ideas out. And create something out of ideas because ideas are nothing without follow up in action. So here I am, this is the third recording of my video podcast recording.

And. As I mentioned when these beginning stages of these videos, it’s just gonna be me and I’m gonna only talk about self-improvement. I always say mindset plus skill set plus performance equals results now the skill set aspect is gonna come into play when I start showcasing my team of CTA attorney mortgage broker.

And property manager. And I’m gonna give them the floor and have them talk about a variety of different topics so that we all can learn what the with the goal of owning portfolio a small apartment. And so in this report being mindset is still the nucleus and I’m gonna continue to talk about thoughts no my thoughts are important and key.

Now. We all live our lives. And sometimes when we live our life we have to look at what is coming into our head. And sometimes we have to block it. And sometimes we have to purposely program thoughts in our head to make us endure something to help us push us through tough times to.

Entice us to do more. Now when it comes to thoughts. What are thoughts come from comes from the brain? A brain is always with us. But are you really putting your brain to best use?

What are you pumping in your head? Are you letting unconscious things go into your brain into your life it’s your work. Or are you using your brain proactively so it can serve you well. Then about a computer you punch a lot of buttons on the computer much this it does this app do this it does that app.

Now. You punch a different set it gives you different items different conclusions. And if you’re not getting what you want guess what you may be punching the wrong buttons. Maybe you have not installed the right buttons. It’s the formula. So you have to know what’s the right buttons to push what’s the wrong ones to push which ones to install which ones are like a virus.

So you have to analyze yourself do a self-audit. And when it comes to self-improvement it covers a lot of things in life from your family, your spouse your friends your money. Your your your relationship with the creator. Now for me my journey itself improving started 2006. Friend gave me some audio books and I devour them.

I mean devour them and from that it kind of started off a chain reaction of rotting things to help me improve myself. And it’s always now about constant never in being improvement. Now the goal is to make this really a part of your lifestyle. On how you do everything.

Now it when I say everything and anything really we think about diets diet is going to work. Because the person goes right back to how they used to do things they have to change their lifestyle. And I’m not saying because I’m like totally in shape. But at the same time I know what to do and I don’t do those certain things to.

So just as speaking of eating you are what you eat, you are what you think you’re always you put in your head. You are what you think about most of the time. Your thoughts make your character. Your life is parallel to the thoughts you have there are things we can control there are things we cannot control in any given situation we can control our thoughts decide our reaction tell ourselves who we are and how to respond.

So you need to direct your thoughts for what you want. Now. It’s up to you. Go get it.

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