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Podcast Series 6: The Journey

All right Cordell Davenport here again, small apartment investors com go to the website get your free report, have your family then expenses covered by small apartments that you've owned. Got some good data in there, go check it out. Mindset. Plus skill set plus performance equals results. Foundation is mindset and so these videos that I'm doing right here these recordings is talking about mindset. 

And then soon I'm going to introduce my team CPA attorney, property manager and mortgage broker. And those are four main pillars when it comes to. Owning and managing and buying apartments but my niche is small apartment. Margo is to own a portfolio a small apartment. It's multiple reasons why I'm not going to get into it right now, but that's Michael. 

If you have the same goal as me check me out online check out the website, follow me here as I try to. Push out information that I. Digest so to speak. And this video I'm going to talk about beliefs. And your beliefs compose your purpose. Your purpose formulates your desire your desired fuse your actions your actions manufactured your results. 

And your results determine your success. Now you most likely are familiar with the story of Wizard of Oz. But have you really thought about the lessons that it could have for you? Like the little engine that could. The Wizard of Oz has been inspiring children who are now grandparents even great great grandparents this author lineman. 

Frank bomb born shortly after civil war. Lived enough. To see this beloved story come a hit a play throughout the years became a movie and now here's my summary of it. Once a tornado blew through a town a girl named Dorothy from her home in Kansas and brought to us place called laas lost she was lacking a roadmap of directions she relied on the advice of a good witch who advised her to follow the yellow big probe to Wizard of Oz who maybe can help her get back home because he was powerful now on the way to the wizard George made a scarecrow we're joined her now. 

I hope that the wizard could give him some brains the name both made a ten man, he wanted a heart because they wicked witch had put him under a spell removed his heart. By now Dorothy and Escare Corps are such true believers in a power of the Wizard of Oz that they easily convinced the 10 man to join them. 

Lastly, they meet a line. It was afraid of everything and everybody. He joined the journey hoping the wizard can give him courage to be the king of the beasts. As in any good story, there are problems on the way. First there's the guard who tells him that if they have come for a stupid reason the wizard might get angry and destroy them all because this was the belief that the Wizard of Oz the projected. 

The Wizard said they couldn't get what they wanted until they killed the Wicked Witch and brought him proof in spite of vast odds and lots of trickery on the wicked which is part they prevailed in the end the wizard is revealed as a fake but he can't do two important things which is acknowledged that the scarecrow tin man and line already have had the quality song like courage brains and a heart also being from Kansas. 

There was a hot air balloon that they could return to Kansas. The stories of brilliant portrayal of how easily our beliefs can trip us up. Hoffman, are you like the good witch who makes pronouncements based on nothing more than hearsay how often are you like Dorothy he was so quick to believe the pronouncements of others how often are you like Dorothy's traveling companions who look outside themselves for the power's already have the story also shows how basic is the human drive to better ourselves often the main characters reinforced their beliefs. 

That they could get what they wanted. Remember the 10 men saying he could hear that he had not yet found. The heart beating in his body how often do you go beyond your limitations because you want something so much how often do you find just the right allies because you are so engaged in your journey of change that they want to come along to. 

How can you like Dorothy at the end rediscover the joy and possibilities in your world that you have once overlooked? What other stories from this childhood have powerful wisdom for you as a dumb. So, Everything about. Wizard of Oz was about beliefs. And. There is a quote that I heard I ran actually. 

And it says a belief doesn't he does not need to be considered a belief all you need to do is believe it and is true to you. When you live your life, we'll believe are you rolling with? 

Are they limiting beliefs? Time will tell. But the first step is really for you to be aware. So we had Wizard of Oz. They go on this journey. But that journey didn't really need to be to happen because they had everything they needed. All right, so that's it for this little brief recording on mindset. 

I look forward to sharing some more now, go get it.

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