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Pets in Apartment Building

Pets are always a point of contention in the confined space of an apartment complex. When you have taken possession of a new apartment building you can either decide to have renters with their pets or avoid having pets in your apartment.

But if you have become the owner of an existing apartment, then you need to continue the prevailing custom as regards keeping pets in the apartment.

When you allow pets in your apartment you can place rules and regulations for the pet owners to follow in the interest of the pets and the other fellow residents.

They may provide for

  • The time of the day when the pets can come to the common areas and use them
  • The pet owners must always accompany them and take control of them at all times
  • The pets should not be kept in such a way that it is disturbing to the fellow residents or┬ácause inconvenience to them
  • The pet owner must be made responsible for cleaning their pets and the park and other areas if they defecate or urinate there
  • The pets must be kept in strict adherence to the sanitary and other regulations imposed by the local authorities

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