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Are you struggling in your marriage? Have you ever looked at your wife and thought, “Where did the enchantment go?” Has your wife seemed to have lost interest in you? Are you floundering, wishing things could be different, but you have no idea how to fix what is broken in your marriage?

Written for men who might have lost their marital way for whatever reason, How to Romance Your LADY: 5 Secrets for Becoming Your Wife’s Hero offers a collection of relationship secrets for keeping the marriage spark alive. In this short but sweet read, author Cordell Davenport helps you understand your lovely lady a little better and offers a course of action for creating a fun, joyful, loving marriage that will last for years to come.

The 5 Secrets include:

  • Know Your Role in the Relationship
  • Never Stop Romancing Your Wife
  • Discover and Fulfill Her Emotional Needs
  • Understand That Men Think and Women Feel
  • Know That Women Enjoy Conversations

After learning and practicing these five secrets, you will be able to arrive at your goal of bringing the light back into your marriage and truly becoming your wife’s hero. What man doesn’t want that?

How to romance your lady