Top Tips for a Successful Movie Date

If you’re planning on a movie date with your partner, spend some time talking or messaging to find a movie you both like. It is the great idea for the first date. Plan the date carefully, arrive on time, and pay attention to your date’s body language throughout the date. Get snacks and sit back, relax and enjoy the movie. Try not to stress about your date’s body language — they might just be focused on the movie! Afterward, get snacks or plan another date if you had fun. Check out these top successful movie date tips: 

Step 1

Before buying movie tickets make sure you pick a good movie. The movie should not be emotional. First movie date should not be overly sentimental or emotional. For a successful movie date has broad appeal and it’s not necessarily very deep. Choose the comedies or real-life stories this movie will make you feel comfortable. Avoid the romantic movie with bold scenes, these movies will make you feel awkward with your partner.

Step 2

Going in groups with your friends will take off the pressure of the first date. But there are many things which you need to remember in group movie. Always pay attention to your date, not to your buddies. Try to make her more comfortable with you. Offer her some snacks and help her to eat those snacks.

Step 3

Share snacks with your partner. Sharing a tub of popcorn can be a way to connect on a first date, and lends a little bit of intimacy to an otherwise public affair. If you don’t want to have bad breath, you may go for snacks like Junior Mints or order a water with your snacks to keep your breath fresh. One option is to pay for the snacks for the movie if your date covered the tickets. This way, you keep things equal. Both share a single tub and single tumbler of drink in this you both look attractive like made for each other couples. use the experience of sharing a snack to learn a little bit about your date’s likes and dislikes. Your preferred movie snack can say a lot about your personality.

Step 4

If your both chemistry is right or both are close to each other than you can hold the hand of your girl. So  If the chemistry is right, make the first move and attempt to hold hands with your date in the theater. It may be cliche, but putting your arm around your date or holding his hand can help the sparks fly. Before holding her hand make sure that she should be more comfortable with you.
Follow these tips on having a successful movie date. Learn what you should do to make your first date a success. For more dating tips keep visiting  RomanceYourLady.com


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