Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Widower

Dating a widower is such a tricky thing.  You are entering an area of dating that not many people have experience of. Losing someone is always hard, but losing a spouse is a profound experience that affects much more than your single status. With the loss of a loved one, a whole life can change. When dating someone who’s a widower, respect the loss they’ve experienced and the changes they may have gone through or may still be going through. But also respect yourself.
If you are in love with a widower and want to marry her again you are giving her new life. Here are 10 tips for dating a widower you should know when starting your relationship:

Be patient

If you want to date a widower. Have patient to understand her because there is no guidebook for grief. Everybody experiences it in different ways and at different times. It might be that one widowed person is ready to date again within months, while others may still be struggling to move on years after their spouse has passed away. Most of the people recovered from the death of the spouse. Patience is therefore of the essence in the early days of dating, as both you and your new partner will be trying to weigh up if this is a road you are ready to go down.

Don’t ask for too much information about their spouse

When you are dating a widower don’t dig for information they don’t want to share. Sometimes your questions mat heart her. Don’t try to remind her previous relationship. It takes time to get to know someone and understand them. Become a good listener because it is the key of the good relationship. According to Stef Safran a relationship expert and dating coach. “Asking a lot of personal questions is no shortcut.”

Take honest stock of your expectations

According to relationship experts, It’s unpredictable and your date may be cycling in and out of the stages of grief. Be honest with your spouse if he or she is talking about her ex respect her felling don’t judge her. But you’ll do the relationship a disservice if you expect them to compartmentalize that part of their lives. Focus on the friendship first. From there you might be more patient as they move through the process of grief.

 Be understanding

This person has been, and probably still is, going through a really tough time. If you want this relationship to work, then you’re going to have to be understanding of their situation and what they are going through. Respect her felling. Try to recover her from the tough time.

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