Best Marriage Tips of Both Men and Women of all ages

We all know that marriage is the longest contract between two people. Different religion has the different tradition. According to Hindu tradition,n the marriages are solemnized for seven lives.When it comes to marriage and age, there’s a serious double standard for men and women. For men the best age to marry is when they get matured and financially secured comfortable with themselves. So if you want a happily married life read my blog it is all about  best marriage tips of both men and women of all ages”.

Don’t marry a person for the looks

Whenever you decide to marry. Don’t choose the person for his good looks. Because physical attraction n can’t sustain a relationship for a long time. Before selecting your life partner for his look always imagine if you would have still married the same person if he/she was not as good looking.

Faithfulness is the closest synonym of love.

Faith and trust are very important between the couple. Marriage without faith will not survive. So always respect your partner and be faithful to each other through all life.

Respect each other

You should understand each other and respect the opinion even if you don’t necessarily agree with it or follow it. You can’t live with the person without loving him.

Control this urge

One of the most common things that happen in relationships: One person tries to change the other into doing/being better at whatever is a central issue in the relationship. “It’s not that your partner will never change. If you cannot change your partner. You may support your partner in an attempt to make a change, and you may change together. People who finally accept their mate for who and what they are, rather than seeing them as a do-it-yourself project, find the experience liberating—and are much more likely to have happy and satisfying relationships for decades.

Work out at least once a week together

Give time to each other. Have yoga together. Or on a free day cook a meal for each other. In this way, you can live a happy successful life.

Friendship is as important as love

Friendship is very important between the couple. Communicate with each other just like friends. Understand the feelings of each other. According to researchers the couples who are best friends from childhood are always happily married couples.
Want to make your marriage last? Follow these six marriage tips of both men and women of all ages. More dating tips for men and women can be found here on

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